Unexplained Animal Mutilations - The Platyhelminthes Hypothesis



Unexplained Animal Mutilations -  The Platyhelminthes Hypothesis
By Edmund Matthews

It is important before watching this video, to watch the documentary entitled Silent Killers by Richard D Hall, in addition it would useful to watch his subsequent film Silent killers in Sussex and other films he has made on the subject. It would be also useful to look at the work on Linda Moulton Howe and David Cayton on the subject. This will give you an understanding of the nature and frequency of the phenomena.  In this video. I have used some of Richard D Hall's work to give the viewer only a brief explanation of the phenomena. 

This video's purpose is merely to suggest a possible explanation of the phenomena, it should be noted that without evidence this remains only a hypothesis at this stage and should be treated as such.

Where I disagree with Richard D hall is in that he states that this phenomena could not be caused as a result of predation, indeed no large creature with a large singular mouth could create such tidy wounds, however it is my contention that many(thousands) of tiny little mouth could. To say "organs removed" is an assumption, it would be much more accurate to say that the organs are not present. More over to say that the exist/entrance wounds are "surgical" is also an assumption, they may appear surgical, that does not mean that they are.

It is my contention that what is being seen here is the after effects of an infection by an unknown Platyhelminthes, furthermore it is my contention that the military interest in this phenomena is due to their desire to weaponize it and create a very fearful bioweapon. Furthermore, I suggest that the notion of the involvement of extra-terrestrials is actively encouraged by the military as part of the cover up of the investigation and weaponization of this parasite.
Imagine waking up in an army barracks and the soldier next to you, in his bed, is dead, with his blood gone, his ass hollowed out, organs removed as if by magic and the flesh around his jaw eaten away. Imagine the panic and chaos amongst the public if such a parasite was to be unleashed on the general population.

I would suggest that the culprit may be an unknown Platyhelminthes probably most similar to the Blood Flukes. First, it is important to learn what Platyhelminthes are, as most people in less they are biologist will not know what they are or will have ever heard of them.  It is also important to look at the life cycles of these things that can be very diverse and complicated. Any A level Biology textbook will give you a basic overview of the Platyhelminthes. It is also important to understand that there are very likely to be unknown Platyhelminthes and that of those that are known many of their life cycles are not fully understood.

There are many creature particularly small ones that remain undiscovered, some we only know of because of the evidence they leave behind. One classic example is Paleodictyon Nodosum.


So here is how I suggest it takes place.

Animal consumes parasite in egg, cyst or larval form probably from the ground (it may be deliberately infected by the military), parasite enters blood through the gut lining it may remain dormant for a long time. The parasite begins to replicate in the blood asexually creating thousand, if not millions of itself. These begin to grow consuming the blood, the animal will at first notice no ill effects and no ill effects will be apparent. These parasites will continue to get larger till the point that they can no longer fit through the capillaries. It is a possibility that the parasites use haemoglobin (or something that mimics haemoglobin) and mimics the animals red blood cells, aiding the transportation of oxygen and co2 for the animal whilst consuming the blood and replacing it, allowing the parasite to keep the host animal alive for longer so that it can complete its life cycle. This is just idea, there is no evidence for this.  At this point in its life cycle the parasites begins to change into a different form of itself. Now too large to navigate the blood circulatory system it begins moving into and consume specific soft tissues continuing to both replicate and/or change, this happens very rapidly, it consumes the soft tissues of specific organs within hours of this change taking place. At this point, there may well be a sexual stage of reproduction. The parasites may well be able to detect using the animal's own hormones and circadian rhythms that it is night time, when this always seems to occur. There may be an evolutionary benefit to this as predators such as birds are less likely to be around. It may also be that the parasites need a specific night time predator to complete their life cycle. This may be a bird, possibly bats, foxes, badgers or some form of insects of some kind. These may come and eat the parasite which will contain eggs that will continue the life cycle.
There may be many species of this parasite, so it not going to be the same every time. Each species may target a specific animal or may be able to attack any animal within a group and may have a preference for certain specific soft tissues.) The characteristics of each carcass will depend on the specific parasite and the specific host.
At this point the animal will have collapsed and will be dead, a large portion of its blood consumed by the parasites. The parasites go on to consumed the nutritional content of certain organs. The parasites then must escape the carcass by the easiest and shortest route continuing to consume flesh as they go. They will be needing oxygen.  They will often go through the mouth and anus (consuming more tissue as they go, consuming the rectum, tongue and jaw flesh), sometimes they exist the carcass through a hole in the side of the animal or in the chest, perhaps because the mouth and/or anus is blocked (by undigested food).  The ear and eye and neck seems to be common escape routes. Often this occurs only on one side, probably because the animal has collapsed on to its side, the parasites instinctively eat their way upward and out the animal, but at the same time following the path of least resistance.


The quantities of the parasite that escape through each orifice and the pattern of flesh removal on the head seems to depend on the orientation of the animal in its collapsed state.  The pattern of flesh removal on the head of the animal seems to depend on the way the animal's head has come to rest on the ground.


This is a reasonably typical case , here I would suggest the animals head has come to rest on its side.  The parasites have exited out the mouth, congregating on top of the mouth on the exposed side eating away the jaw flesh and upper lip.


Here for example the head may have been in a hanging position rather than lying flat on one side which would be typical, this has meant the parasites on exiting the mouth have taken away the jaw flesh upper lip and mussel area.


In this case the animal may have fallen with its jaw facing upward and so the parasites have largely come out the mouth between the jaw bones. Some also appear to have come through the eye.


I this instance the parasites have come out largely through the mouth, some through the ear eating that away and a small number have come out the eye eating away a small amount of flesh above the eye.  


In this instance, rather more of the parasites have come out the eye eating away a circle of flesh around the eye. 


For some reason, in some cases a lot more of the parasites try and break out the carcass through the head and neck, this can almost completely skeletonize the skull and neck in some cases. Only looking at the photo, it is difficult to know what went on at the other end of the animal.  


The removal and leaving behind of this ear tag is particularly suggestive of this being the work of many tiny flesh eating mouths.

The parasites in their thousands or millions then disappear leaving no trace of themselves. They may become air born (eaten by an air born predator), however it is most likely that they burrow back in to the ground where a new part of its life cycle begins. Eventually they will transform back into the form that the animal consumed in the first place, ready for the next unfortunate mammal to come along and consume them. This stage of the life cycle may involve another animal or plant host. This stage of the life cycle may lay dormant for very long periods of time in a near indestructible egg or cyst form that may be microscopic in size.  
When you look at the wide variety of complex life cycles amongst the Platyhelminthes this is plausible, but just a hypothesis.

The collection of Antibodies by either aliens or humans Theory - This explanation is to me totally unsatisfactory, there is no reason for this to be done in an uncontrolled environment, this is not how scientific research is done, it is done in a controlled environment, they would do it in private, on private land with animals they owned and controlled, there is no reason that I can see for them doing this to wild animals or to animals that belong to some random farmer or for them to leave the mess behind to be found. In addition, there is no reason when collecting antibodies to remove organs from holes that are often smaller than the organs being removed, or for the skeletonization of parts of or all of the skull.

The Platyhelminthes hypothesis cannot explain animals being dropped from great heights, broken legs or animals being dragged or being found in inexplicable places such as in trees or on the top of telegraph poles. However, this can be easily explained by the military trying to encourage the notion of alien involvement and in them trying cause researchers into this phenomena confusion. The method by which this happen is the same in both theories.
The military may well be responsible for some, (if not all) of the blood removal particularly where the loss of blood is almost total. Just as they may be researching and collecting antibodies they may well be researching and collecting this parasite.
 I suggest that the military are still investigating the parasite which occurs naturally probably in far more cases than we know about. Mostly it will happen in the wilderness and no one will ever see it.  Most of the cases we know about are more likely to have military involvement, this is sometimes because they got there first, sometimes because they infected an animal or an area and have been waiting for let's call it "A Carcass Break Out" or some times because reports are sent to them as a matter of priority.

It would be useful if possible to separate the cases where there is obvious human involvement (lifting and moving and dropping of the animal) from those where there is only the injures themselves. I do not have this information to know what percentage each group would make up.
I would suggest the reason they show it to the public is because on rare occasion inexplicable to them, humans have encountered this occurring naturally, it then becomes necessary to create a rational explanation (testing/ psychopaths /Satanists), whilst advantageous perhaps to suggest the notion of aliens, but not officially. But with obvious moving and dropping of the animals the public have few other directions to think.
 They deliberately muddle up the evidence and make it look like its aliens without saying it is / whilst researching and collecting samples for potential weaponization from both natural cases where they get the reports first and cases where they have deliberately infected an animal or an area of land and have been waiting for a carcass break out. It may be that they invented this thing from scratch or adapted it from an existing parasite. But I believe that this is a naturally occurring group of flat worms, that has evolved to parasitize mammals in this way, there are already many we know about that have adapted to parasitize mammals in many various ways. I think it is likely that the military only know the first part of the life cycle. They know and have isolated the element that goes in to the mammal, probably because they killed a mammal and found it in the gut before it had entered the blood stream or because they killed a mammal and found it in the blood stream unchanged into its next form. This stage if having a basic Flat worm physiology would be very easily clone able, you could literally do it with a sharp knife. http://awesci.com/planarian-worm-cloning-a-creature-was 
It is very possibly that they have no idea of the rest of the life cycle and would not really need to know to weaponize it, but if they wanted to try and get it to evolve under control it would be useful.
But maybe they have watched it happen and they have seen what happens, may be an owl comes or some other night time predator (probably with wings, but may be just light footed) and eats them. Many predators will continue to return to a food sauce until it is exhausted, particularly when feeding young, these parasites will provide a nutritious and easily carry able meal. They will be presumably full of eggs which will become the next stage and the life cycle will continue. The birds, bats or insects excrete them out and eventually another mammal will eat them, there may be more stages in-between.
It may be that the military know or do not know what causes the mass asexual reproduction in the blood. This may not happen in most infected animals, it may require very specific circumstances and may require the mammal to be infected with two parasites (possibly one of them an insect) at the same time or may require some environmental change inside or outside the body of the mammal.
The Platyhelminthes Hypothesis, is just a hypothesis to be proven or disproven, I dare to be wrong in the hope that it might advance us toward truth on this matter, If I am wrong prove me so, but do not condemn me for having an idea.

Furthermore, I recommend that people watch the film Dreamcatcher (2003) though this a Hollywood fantasy sci fi movie, I believe it contains many subtle and not so subtle hints as to the true nature of this phenomena.